Hot Water Systems

Vented Hot Water Systems

Here at Dorrington Plumbing and Heating we think it should be your choice as to what you would like in your home and fully understand that in some circumstances you may of taken on a system that you may not of necessarily chosen yourself!! We work on all forms of hot water and heating systems including vented systems and vented hot water cylinders. We have a vast knowledge base on these types of systems and can answer any questions that you may have, whether it be on an existing system, new system or conversion. 


Unvented Hot Water Systems (Pressurised)

Pressurised hot water cylinders give the advantage of having equal pressures on both your hot and cold supplies as both are coming straight off of your mains water supply. These are commonly used in modern properties and conversions. 

A massive advantage of this type of hot water system is the facility to have a 'power shower' without a booster pump (and the whirring that comes with a pump). The mains pressure will govern how 'powerful' the shower is along with various other factors which need to be taken into account when installing one of these systems. Its common to have mains pressure of 3 bar which is the same as a lot of booster pumps on the market. 

Installation of a pressurised hot water cylinder can only be undertaken by a accredited installer, having taken both written and practical exams to confirm competency. Dorrington Plumbing and Heating are fully accredited to supply and install pressurised hot water systems systems!


For further information on either vented or unvented systems or if your having problems with your current system please give us a call 

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